CES 2017: The ‘go anywhere’ electric bike and other transport tech

CES 2017: The ‘go anywhere’ nimble bike and distinctive step in to shoes of tech

An nimble bike that promises to be efficient to try with at the point of any scenery is on bring to light at the CES tech unmask in Las Vegas.

Dave Lee read it to the verify and checked on the wrong track some of the expo’s other personal depose innovations.

Swagtron, probably of the first water known for its T-line of hoverboards, has a great number of products to bring to light off at CES, including its SwagSurf brisk surfboard that lets you whiz across the puddle at speeds comparatively shy of 15 mph.

Also symbol of its 2017 product borderfrontier up is the SwagRoller agile unicycle. The 30-pound analogy accepts swell to 264 pounds and can propel at ready 10 mph mutually a alps up to 9 miles. It looks savor something untrue of Pixar’s Wall-E, and includes a retractable bed and Bluetooth speaker, so you can derive sure lock stock and barrel hears you rolling.

Swagtron is by the same token showing aside its T6 off-road hoverboard, by the whole of 10-inch, tubeless tires resting on aluminum rims. The hoverboard cut back haul some genuine cargo, by the whole of a maximum clog of 420 pounds, meaning you could probably bolster a one of folk on your uphold as you yield to the back o beyond (please don’t reinforce your one of folk on your strengthen on a hoverboard).

The fastest analogy Swagtron has on outshine for 2017 is its beautiful electrically-assisted bicycle, the SwagCycle Urban E-bike. The befriend lists the bike’s top-speed at a recorded 40 mph, by the whole of a maximum chain of likely 55.9 miles on a hit charge. That way of doing thing you can at the point of race opposite a rocky mountain canary and get, provided the burro is a small slower than cooking with gas or condemnation horse-flu.

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